YUKI at MADEIRADIG 2011 – Festival for Digital Music and Art

We were at Madeiradig, for the first time, in 2009. We have immediately connected with the spirit of the event. The wonderful organization, the friendly staff of Estalagem Ponta do Sol, the magnificent location, the endless ocean view, the concerts, everything was perfectly welcoming.
We were happily convinced to come back in 2010.

Therefore, YUKI became a Madeiradig’s partner in 2010. A special edition of a YUKI under-arm laptop bag (the MD10) was designed for the festival as a gift for musicians and Dj’s.

At the 2011 edition of the festival YUKI launched the Combolap PS (a backpack with a laptop folder). We had a great feedback from the musicians and the public.
We feel the Madeiradig as a fulfilling lifetime experience made possible by everyone involved: crew, musicians, public and friends. See you in 2012.


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Line up 2010 | Ben Frost, Janek Schaefer, PITA (aka. Peter Rehberg), The Beautiful Schizophonic, Peter Broderick, Caro Mikalef and Stephan Mathieu, Simon Whetham and Hugo Olim  After Show Events with Max Tundra, Clara Hill, Nosed & Stefan Botev, Thomas Bücker & Michael Rosen, KOMO – an audiovisuelle Performance by Markus Mehr & Stefanie Sixt.

Line Up 2011  | KTL = Stephen O’Malley (US) & Peter Rehberg (AT), Nadja = Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff) (CA), Taylor Deupree (US) & Jerome Faria (PT), Lee Ranaldo (US) + Manuel Mota (PT), Oneohtrix Point Never (US), Deaf Center (NO), Tim Hecker (CA) and Aki Onda (US/JP). After Show Events with Schneider TM (DE) & Markus Detmer (DE) DJ (Staubgold), Thomas Bücker (DE) DJ (Jean-Michel)

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